The FEMTO Pulse is a remarkably flexible instrument able to quantify, qualify, and size DNA and RNA samples with accuracy and precision. Perfect for low concentration and/or large size nucleic acid samples, the FEMTO Pulse easily analyzes diverse sample types including: cfDNA, total RNA, genomic DNA, large fragment DNA, messenger RNA (mRNA), and more.  Using a pulsed-field power supply, the FEMTO Pulse is able to resolve DNA smears and DNA fragments through 200,000 bp.

Equipment Rates:

Service Internal Academic Rate External Rate
AATI Fragment Analyzer run (1-11 samples/run) $55.00 $84.00
AATI FEMTO Pulse run (1-11 samples/run) $102.00 $155.00
Blue Pippin Size Selection Service (1-4 sample run) $96.00 $146.00
Qubit (price per sample per assay) $3.00 $4.50
Diagenode Megaruptor fragmentation please inquire please inquire
Diagenode One fragmentation please inquire please inquire
Covaris Ultrasonicator fragmentation No charge/common use No charge/common use

Output Examples: