Agilent Fragment Analyzer

The award-winning Fragment Analyzer speeds-up qualifying and quantifying nucleic acids, streamlining laboratory workflows. This patented technology is centered on highly sensitive fluorescence-based, parallel capillary electrophoresis, typically requiring only one or two microliters of sample with the ability to qualify and quantify a wide range of DNA and RNA samples such as: plasmids, genomic DNA, total RNA, small RNA, CRISPR edits, large fragment DNA, and so much more.

Sample types and size/concentration ranges for each assay:

DNA/NGS library:  1-6000bp, 0.5-4ng/uL

DNA/50KB large fragment: 1-48,500bp, 0.5-5ng/uL

RNA high sensitivity: 0.5-4ng/uL

RNA standard sensitivity: 50-400ng/uL

For other assays(small RNA, plasmid, etc), please inquire by e-mail (

Output Examples: