General Information/FAQs

About the SGC:

The University of Delaware Sequencing and Genotyping Center (SGC) supports genomics research through our established expertise with state-of-the-art genomics technologies. Our core center is located in the Delaware Biotechnology Institute, which is an interdisciplinary research unit at the University of Delaware. The SGC provides assistance with experimental design, user training, sample and data analysis. Instrumentation housed in the SGC supports high-throughput, single-molecule, and Sanger sequencing technologies, as well as qualitative and quantitative analysis of nucleic acids.


The SGC is located within the University of Delaware's Delaware Biotechnology Institute @ 15 Innovation Way, Newark, DE 19711.  The lab is in room 246.  To access our lab, sign in at the front desk (staffed 9am-5pm) to get a keycard for access to the lab area.  From the front desk, go upstairs to the right lab access door.  Once in the lab area, we are about halfway down the hallway on the right.

Services Offered:

The SGC has a variety of sequencing services available, from next generation sequencing on Illumina and Pacific Biosciences platforms, to Sanger sequencing and genotyping analysis.  We also house equipment for nucleic acid size selection, quantification, and qualification.  See our Core Services page for more information on specific services.

Requesting Service:

The SGC uses Agilent CrossLab (iLab Operations Software) for project management, project and sample submissions, project and sample tracking, reporting, and invoicing. All facility users are required to use this system. This requires a one- time registration as discussed below. Once you are registered, the system will enable you to place service requests, provide required approvals, and monitor progress.

NEW USERS: please see our iLab guide for guidance with registering and requesting services from our core.

For UD researchers, SGC is integrated with UD’s financial system, you only need to select an approved purpose code. If you do not have access to an approved purpose code please contact a supervisor or Researchers outside of UD will typically receive an invoice with payment instructions. Please contact us at if other arrangements need to be made.

Outside users will typically receive a bill for services provided.

Submitting Samples to the SGC:

Please submit an iLab request (see Billing section below) before dropping off samples to the lab.  For most DNA sample services, such as Sanger sequencing or fragment analysis, samples can be dropped off in our 4°C refrigerator just inside room 246.  Look for the "Sample Submissions" sign on the fridge.  You can place your DNA samples in the bottom left drawer labeled "Sample Submissions".

For RNA samples.  Please contact us at prior to delivering samples so we can we can arrange to receive your RNA and store it properly prior to processing your request

Campus Sample Drop-off Sites:

For Sanger sequencing requests, we also have two sample drop-off locations around campus at the following two locations:

Brown Laboratory cold room #103.  Brown Lab is located at 163 The Green on UD's campus.  See map.

Allen Biotechnology Laboratory lobby.  Allen Lab is located at 601 Sincock Ln.  See map.

Funding Assistance:

There are several programs that provide funding assistance for UD investigators and Delaware-based industry partners, please contact us at for more information.

Contact information:

For general inquiries please e-mail