Citing and Acknowledging


If we have contributed data that will be utilized in a publication we kindly request an acknowledgement of the University of Delaware Sequencing & Genotyping Center:

  • We thank ……. in the University of Delaware DNA Sequencing & Genotyping Center for assistance with ………

For assistance citing INBRE please refer here.

For assistance citing EPSCOR please refer here.


If our contributions go beyond our normal fee-for-service, the staff member(s) should be included as a co-author.  This includes experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, methods development, or major contributions writing the manuscript.

Acknowledgement is critical so that the University of Delaware and various funding organizations can better measure the impact of their support to our center. Consequently, the acknowledgements you provide make it possible for our center to continue to provide access to state-of-the-art equipment and expertise at reasonable rates.