Pacific Biosciences Sequel IIe System

The standard-setting Sequel IIe system delivers:

  • Direct access to the only highly accurate long reads: PacBio HiFi reads
  • 5-base genome sequencing (A, T, G, C, 5mC) in native DNA, for immediate access to the epigenome with no special workflow or data processing steps
  • Deeper biological insights, less data processing, and faster results thanks to the exceptional clarity of HiFi reads
  • Reliable and affordable high-throughput sequencing for a broad range of applications

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) evaluates the full DNA content of an organism — be it human, plant, animal, or microbe. PacBio HiFi sequencing has exceptionally accurate long reads and unbiased coverage required to provide a truly comprehensive view. PacBio HiFi reads provide both long read lengths and high accuracy to quickly and affordably generate contiguous, complete, and correct de novo genome assemblies of even the most complex genomes.

HiFi sequencing delivers whole genome sequence information with complete and accurate resolution through unbiased, single-molecule reads of up to 25 kb, a median read accuracy of >99.9% (Q30), and the ability to sequence through repeats and GC-rich regions:

Complete, contiguous, correct, and phased genome assemblies

HiFi read length and accuracy resolve even the most difficult repeats — segmental duplications and centromeres — to produce genomes with longer contigs, fewer fragmented genes, and the correct sequence of all regions.

Highest precision and recall for variant calling

Only HiFi sequencing enables the highest precision and recall for calling variants of all types: single-nucleotide variants (SNVs), small insertions and deletions (indels), and structural variants (SVs).

PacBio’s new 5-base HiFi sequencing means users can now explore epigenomes without making any changes to their sequencing workflows. HiFi sequencing of a single sample detects methylation patterns across the genome, such as hypomethylation at transcription start sites. Sequencingmultiple samples identifies differential methylation.


  • Targeted sequencing
  • RNA sequencing
  • Epigenetics

Equipment Rates:

ServiceInternal Academic RateExternal Rate
High Molecular Weight DNA extractionInquireInquire
SMRTbell DNA Library preparation (HiFi or CLR)$580$882
Size Selection for 1-4 samples (this is required for most libraries)$96$146
SMRTbell Low-input DNA Library preparationInquireInquire
IsoSeq Library preparation (full-length mRNA transcripts)InquireInquire
SMRT Cell Sequencing (Sequel IIe)$2,270$3405
SMRT Link Genome Assembly$100$150