Pacific Biosciences Sequel System

The new Sequel System is based on our proven Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing technology utilized by the RSII. Sequel SMRT Cells contain 1 million zero-mode waveguides delivering up to 10 billion bases of long-read sequence per whole-genome analysis run, and up to 20 Gb in RNA isoform sequencing (Iso-Seq). The Sequel System is ideal for rapid and cost-effective de novo genome assembly, structural variation analysis, gene annotation, targeted analysis, and much more.


Experimental Design:

Equipment Rates:

ServiceInternal Academic RateExternal Rate
SMRT Cell Sequencing (RSII)$393.00$525.00
SMRT Cell Sequencing (Sequel I) $1,130.00 $1,718.00
SMRT Cell Sequencing (Sequel II)$2,240.00$3405.00
SMRTbell standard DNA Library preparation$580.00$882.00
SMRTbell Low-input DNA Library preparationInquireInquire
IsoSeq Library preparationInquireInquire
Prokaryotic assembly$100.00$150.00