ABI Prism 3500 Genetic Analyzer

Applied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyzer - Sanger sequencing

The Applied Biosystems 3500 Genetic Analyzer housed in the center is an 8-capillary Sanger sequencing instrument specifically designed to support the demanding performance needs of validated and process controlled environments, while retaining the unsurpassed application versatility that life science researchers expect. The 3500 Genetic Analyzer is a fully automated, fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis platform that simultaneously analyzes 8 samples. The 3500 Genetic Analyzer system significantly improves signal uniformity from instrument-to-instrument, run-to-run, and capillary-to-capillary. The 3500 Genetic Analyzer is capable of advanced multiplexing capabilities for DNA fragment analysis with up to six unique dyes. The system provides automated polymer loading, sample injection, separation and detection, and data analysis. The 3500 Genetic Analyzer can run unattended and process up to 424 samples per day.

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Additional information

  • Plasmid and PCR sequencing of >850 bp per reaction depending on template quality.
  • Up to 6 dye microsatellite fragment analysis for fragments up to 2500 bases long.
  • If you are submitting more than 72 sequencing reactions, put the samples in a 96-well plate for submission to receive the flat rate per plate.

Service Costs

ServiceInternal Academic RateExternal Rate
Sanger sequencing reaction$5.00$7.60
96-well plate (up to 96 sequencing reactions, must be submitted in a 96-well plate)$360.00$547.00
Microsatellite analysis$2.50$4.00