Pacific Biosciences RSII Single-Molecule Sequencer

UD is proud to introduce the revolutionary third generation DNA sequencing system: the PacBio RS. Our system incorporates novel, single molecule sequencing techniques and advanced analytics to reveal more biology in real time. We call this SMRT (Single Molecule Real Time) technology. The PacBio RS conducts, monitors and analyzes biochemical reactions at the individual molecule level, according to your specific protocol and experiment design. Long readlengths, intuitive operation and absolute throughput flexibility combine to deliver the data you need, faster than previously possible.


Experimental Design:

Equipment Rates:

Service Internal Academic Rate External Rate
SMRT Cell Sequencing (RSII) $393.00 $525.00
SMRT Cell Sequencing (Sequel) $1,130.00 $1,718.00
SMRT Cell Library preparation $580.00 $882.00
Prokaryotic assembly $100.00 $150.00